WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

What is Whatsapp Marketing?

Whatsapp messenger is a mobile messaging app with more than 800 Million users worldwide. Whatsapp application is available on almost all major mobile platforms like android, blackberry, iPhone and Windows. To send and receive messages in Whatsapp, only a working internet plan is essential. This phenomenon has made the application, cheap and at the same time most effective way of messaging and staying in touch.

Why MediaGenie?

  • Team MediaGenie believes in providing an effective Whatsapp marketing service for their clients. In every context, Whatsapp is definitely the best tool being used worldwide, for exchange of information, in the form of audio, video, texts or image, which makes Whatsapp messenger different from other marketing tools.
  • You will be charged only for messages sent to Whatsapp enabled cell Phones, thus making this type of marketing service the most cost effective of all. We provide our clients with a unique feature of filtering Whatsapp users, phone numbers (optional) as well.
  • We have procured huge database banks of mobile numbers with high accuracy levels only for Whatsapp marketing. The databases are arranged category wise, for the convenience and simplicity of our clients. We will be providing it to you on a rental basis for your Whatsapp campaigns.
  • You can safely send your promotional messages without offending DND users and the TRAI norms as well, with our Whatsapp marketing service. We will be sending text messages, as well as multimedia messages for promoting your products through bulk Whatsapp sending servers, to all the contacts without any obligation.
  • Whatsapp marketing is surely the best and one of the cost effective ways to reach out to your prospective customers that too category wise.

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