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Digital Marketing Services in Mumbai

Armed with our digital marketing services in Mumbai, we strive to place your brand in front of your target customers utilizing the medium of digital ads, search results, emails, SMS, whatsapp, social media etc. This will eventually direct the users to your website. Once they are on your website, they will be compelled to take actions, thus successfully converting them from normal website visitors to leads or potential customers.

Thus making a proper utilization of your budget and keeping in mind your goals both long term and short terms, we develop a customized strategy with a view to maximize your return on investment ( ROI ). MediaGenie provides one of the best and customized digital marketing services in Mumbai.

Our Digital Marketing Services

SEO is performed mainly for getting on the top ten organic SERP (search engine result page) ranking on search engines which include Google, Yahoo etc. SEO is not only about achieving keyword rankings for websites, but is also about providing better user experience to the visitor and in turn make more conversions organically.

SMM is performed using various top rated social media site including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You tube, Pinterest etc. It’s all about creating a brand’s presence on these social media platforms by communicating, interacting and engaging with individuals through paid ads or through regular interactive postings.

PPC campaigns can be easily targeted to a particular area or a category of people. Mainly these campaigns are need based and hence generate maximum ROI. There are two types of ad networks namely Search and Display network which can be used effectively depending upon the clients nature of business.

Email marketing is indeed the most cost effective and fastest tool of marketing and is utilized by a large number of businesses across the globe to attract and engage potential customers. Emails not only helps you to connect to your prospects, but also helps you understand your audience’s response.

SMS increases brand awareness of your offered material / services, by time and again reminding the customers about your presence in market. SMS marketing is rightly called as an instant reach approach as over 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of receipt..

Whatsapp can be installed on all the major mobile platforms like Android, IOS, Windows etc! Utilizing this type of service you can not only send text messages, but also send images, videos, audio and v-cards. This surely makes whatsapp messenger different from other marketing tools.

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