Google Analytics Training Course

Google Analytics Training Course Mumbai

Google analytics is a platform that analyses the data with regards to both quality and quantity of your online business. The also analyses the competition, which drives you to drive continous improvement of the user experience. This analysed data helps us to convert prospects to Customers.

Analyzing your strategy or work can help you reinforce it. Without analyzing, there is no scope for improvement. Google analytics helps in live tracking of traffic coming to your website. At a particular time, how many people from which geographic region visited the website. All these details are mentioned in google analytics panel. At MediaGenie, we train you to effectively use Google Analytics. Using this, you can assess and make necessary modification in your digital marketing campaigns or branding campaigns. Our google analytics training course mumbai is one of the best. This ultimately helps the owner to make and modify marketing strategies.


  • Overview of macro and micro conversions
  • Attribution modeling examples
  • Fundamentals of Google Analytics
  • Create an account
  • Traffic on a website
  • Tracking utility
  • Analytics report presentation
  • Advanced Analytics tactics
  • Campaign enhancement with Google Analytics
  • SEO Supporting techniques through Analytics

What we offer for you?

  • How to optimize Google analytics at its best.
  • Campaign manangement and extracting essential data.
  • How to use Google Analytics to modify strategy.
  • Opportunity to work on live analytics project.
  • Report designing with recommendation.

Google analytics tool in today’s world has become very crucial. It is a boon to all online businesses. More over, this panel is made available to every one, free of cost. Hence making the atmost use of this panel, will ultimately help online business to do well and maximize their ROI. Hence a deep understanding of analytics helps an individual to make the most in his career.

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