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What is Pay Per Click ( PPC ) Marketing?

The message of today’s business can be broadcasted using innumerable and a variety of marketing strategies. Using organic methods such as Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are indeed very effective form of digital marketing practices, which proves to be fruitful in the long run. But in any business for that matter, a long term, as well as a short term goal has to be taken into consideration. To fulfill this short term goals and to attain maximum business and exposure, Pay Per Click PPC services Mumbai enters the picture.

Moreover, these PPC campaigns can be easily targeted to a particular area or a category of people. Mainly, these campaigns are need based and hence generate maximum ROI. Google Adwords marketing is the most effective tool, making use of which an individual can reach out to the target customers who are in real need of the product or service. What’s more, the charges are applicable only when the potential customer actually clicks on the displayed ad and no cost will be applicable if he/she only views the Ad.

Why MediaGenie ?

  • We are the best digital marketing agency providing PPC Services Mumbai. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in handling Google, Yahoo & Facebook campaigns comes handy. Our team of experienced professionals perform a complete website analysis for the client, before going live with Google Adwords marketing.
  • A detailed analysis of the competitor’s keywords is done along with the ads and landing page analysis as well. After a detailed analysis, an effective monthly budget recommendation is provided to the client.
  • There are various brand campaigns, targeted devices, opportunities to interact with the target audience on various search engine platforms, to convey messages through display ads and just in case they do not remember, there’s this Genie of a tool named as ‘Remarketing’.

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